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Restoration and Replating Your Jewellery

Jewellery Restoration and Repair

We aim to assist you in maintaining the beauty of your jewellery just as it was on the day of purchase. That’s why we provide a wide array of services for repairing and restoring jewellery.

We understand that accidents can occur in life, and even with proper care, your jewellery may become damaged. From snapped chains to missing stones or broken earrings, our experts can repair your fine jewellery so you can once again enjoy wearing it.

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Replating and Refresh Your Jewellery

Gold plating and Rhodium Plating (White gold, Rose gold & Yellow gold) naturally wear off over time, but there’s no need to part with the pieces you adore. Replating is particularly beneficial for jewellery that has lost its lustre or developed discolouration over time. Easily restore them with our repair jewellery services, ensuring you can continue to wear them for years to come.

Our experienced craftsmen at Rachel P offer expert plating services for 14kt, 18kt, 22kt, and 24kt gold, rose gold, and white gold rhodium jewellery. Give your jewellery a fresh look with a new layer of gold, even for some sterling silver pieces that haven’t previously been gold plated.

Regular cleaning and replating of your jewellery not only extend its lifespan but also maintain its overall condition, ensuring that stones look as pristine as the day the jewellery was crafted. To prevent scratches and maintain shine, jewellery pieces generally require repolishing every twelve months.

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