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Re-sizing Adjustment Service

You may have some rings which doesn’t quite fit, or you have a necklace that’s not a comfortable length for you. Get these pieces adjusted, Rachel P Jewels expert resizing service. We can either increase or decrease the size of your ring, bracelet and necklace, to make it a perfect fit.

This re-sizing adjustment service includes our in house diagnosis, we will take time to examine your pieces, so as to identify the work to be carried out. We will suggest the most suitable method for adjusting the size of your jewellery , depending on the design for re-sizing work , polishing, cleaning and new gold or rhodium plating (If necessary) of the piece.

Ring resizing can be done on silver, gold or platinum jewellery only. We cannot resize palladium and titanium rings. All our re-sizing work ensures preserving the design of the ring and its original material.

Contact us for your resizing jewellery appointment.

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