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Rachel P Jewels

Believe meaningful jewellery is for everyone, to be worn and enjoyed everywhere.

Rachel comes from a long line of family jewellers who, with experienced craftsmen, have produced new collections and unique pieces for over 30 years.

After completing her degree in Art & Design and continually attending the GIA Diamond + Gems Course to enhance her knowledge and to provide her customers with better design, service, and experience, what started as word of mouth is now Rachel’s full-time profession at Rachel P Jewels.

Rachel has travelled around the world to curate and invest in the best stones available, meeting suppliers in person, in order to create bespoke fine jewellery pieces. Through forging such strong, long-term relationships built on trust, Rachel P Jewels was able to have an extensive collection in our atelier despite the difficulties posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rachel believes each piece of jewellery should have its own story to tell and no two are like one another. She seeks to amplify each story she hears though her creations as they journey from her hands as bespoke designs, to the luxurious craftsmanship of her in-house craftsmen, to finally reach her customer’s hand worthy of being sentimental and epicycle timeless family heirlooms.

Welcome to our family

From a strong family ownership and operated jewellery company background that has been in business for over 30 years, established since 1991.

We value every relationship with we built and focus to bring highest quality jewellery. We are happy to offer our after sales services and continue or help you customise the perfect piece for the one you love.

Other Services Available

In Addition to Custom Designs, I also offer