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Sustainable Jewellery Making

Up-cycling and repurposing jewellery is one of the most sustainable ways of jewellery making. Working with repurposed gemstones also means we are able to limit the social and environmental impact of mining.

Any gemstones you provide will also be checked by our specialist artisans to ensure they are suitable for your repurposing design. Once confirmed, they can be reset to become the focal point of a beautiful, contemporary piece, crafted uniquely just for you. We also have our own selection of conflict-free, responsibly sourced gemstones to complement your design.

Precious Materials

We work respectfully with the earth’s rarest and raw materials (14kt, 18kt, 22kt, 24kt and platinum) at our on-site workshop in Singapore. Natural diamonds, gemstones and precious metals are a true beauty of nature, a finite creation from mother earth herself to be treasured.

Get in Touch

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